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    Ironclaw: A Bestiary

    Ironclaw: A Bestiary

    The works in this book were commissioned for the Ironclaw role-playing game (published by Sanguine Productions) to help give players an overview of the world setting.

    These illustrate a fantasy setting which references the Medieval period to Pre-Industrialization in a "Europe" populated by animal characters. I have collected them here, along with my own writings, in the tradition of a bestiary; they paint a picture of a society divided not only along class and culture, but species as well.

    This book is useful as a loose reference for those interested in the Ironclaw game system, as it gives a general outline for each animal. Beyond that, the collection ultimately gives insights into human nature through the lenses of history and zoology.

    Hardcover. 80 Pages. Contains 41 full-color illustrations with accompanying text and commentary.